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USB - Grade 5 CAPS Educational Software - Maths,English, Afrikaans, Science

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GetAhead is compatible with ALL versions of WINDOWS but is not compatible with any Apple device or any devise that uses Android as its operation system.
Your Grade 5 child will be able to use your Windows PC or Windows laptop to improve their school results in the following subjects:
- Mathematics/Wiskunde
- English
- Afrikaans
- Natural Sciences/Natuurwetenskappe
GetAhead for Grade 5 is a software product that contains 100’s of engaging interactive exercises, all based on the Grade 5 CAPS curriculum. So it is relevant to all learners, at State or IEB schools.
GetAhead for Grade 5 includes a Parent Centre with important diagnostic information that will keep you informed of your child’s progress. You’ll get an overview of all the work your child has completed and attempted.
- View EVERYTHING your child has been working on.
- Keep track of results and identify problem areas.
- Set TARGETS for your child to achieve.
My child is STRUGGLING. How will GetAhead for Grade 5 help? If your child is struggling to cope at school, then GetAhead is the perfect supplementary aid that will help your child understand the important work being taught in the classroom. Interactive question-and-answer based activities will give your child response-dependent feedback, model answers and working out with detailed explanations. This means that GetAhead specifically targets the weak areas your child struggles with the most.
My child is an A CANDIDATE. Do I still need GetAhead for Grade 5? In addition to helping children who are struggling, GetAhead is also perfectly suited to children who are ahead of the class. Interactive revision and self-assessment exercises will keep your child entertained, while nurturing an interest in schoolwork. Without a doubt, your achieving child will find the enrichment, hints and tips contained in each activity to be a valuable source of extra knowledge.
Question Features:
- 4 different question types; type your answer / true false / multiple choice / drag and drop
- ENRICHMENT feedback if your child answers correctly
- A HINT and a TRY AGAIN button if your child answers incorrectly
- An EXPLANATION of the answer if the SHOW ME button is clicked
Exercise types:
- Test yourself
- Study with feedback given to your answers
- Challenge; this allows you and your child to challenge each other
Fun and games!
Make learning fun with GetAhead’s two-player Challenge activities. Challenge a friend (or mom and dad!) to a curriculum-based knowledge competition to see who scores the most points. You’ll be learning without even realising it! The challenge activities included in GetAhead have proven to be a big hit amongst GetAhead users.
System Requirements: Any PC or laptop with ANY version of WINDOWS

What's in the box
1 x USB flash drive with GetAhead for Grade 5 - Maths, English, Afrikaans, Science
1 x Full installation instructions