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A2 Rectangle

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Please Note: Unfortunately, we do not allow the splitting of orders – your order can only be processed once all images have been received.

What does this Amazing Deal Entail?

1 x A2 size ready-to-hang canvas print with your photos 594x420mm

You supply the photos – we work our magic by printing them in vibrant colours onto authentic poly-cotton canvas, hand-stretching them onto sturdy wooden frames which are ready-to-hang and then we seal the print with a special coating to ensure long lasting quality without fading. We take absolute pride in our work, which is reflected by our hundreds of genuine 5 star reviews!


What is the Size of the Canvas Print/s?

Please scroll through the images above where you will see a black image showing the size of each individual canvas and the total dimensions of the combo arrangement, if applicable.


I am in :-) How do I Place my Order? 

Click ADD TO CART, click VIEW CART & then click CHECK OUT – it is really that easy!


How do I Pay?

At the Check Out page you can select to pay via Credit/Debit Card or select Bank Deposit to pay by normal EFT/cash deposit.


How do I Send you my Photos & by When?

After you have placed your order we will send you an email notifying you to send your photos via email to info@canvasandmore.co.za or you can use the popular file sharing site called www.wetransfer.com which is ideal for large files/orders. 

Send images within 12 months from date of order.


How long will it take from Time of Ordering to the Time My Precious Cargo Arrives?

Production & Delivery time guideline-

After receiving your photos, we usually take between 1-3 working days to email you a digital mock-up of your order. After your approval, production may take 1- 3 days and finally delivery takes a further 1- 4 days (Depending on destination)

Although we strive to impress with faster turnaround times than above, it does ultimately depend on the size of your order and the volume of other orders being processed at the time.

If you order is urgent, please let us know upfront, so that we can attempt to expedite the process!


Why Should I Choose Canvas & More?

Other than our incredible pricing, quality and service, please Read our Reviews which will help you make an informed decision :-)


Any Questions?

Simply give us a call 087 152 0808 (Mon – Fri 9am-5pm), send us an E-mail to info@canvasandmore.co.za or use our Contact Form We are here to help!


We look forward to helping you finally showcase those treasured memories, which are most probably tucked away on a CD, Flash Drive or Computer, in one of the best ways possible!


Orders may be collected from office in Cape Town or we will gladly deliver them with love & care to your door Nationwide.

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Address: Unit 8, The Studios

Atlas Gardens, 1 Wild Olive Road

Cape Farms

Tel: 087 152 0808

Delivery usually takes between 1 -4 working days to arrive from time of dispatch, depending where you are situated.


Our fees are based on order value and are calculated as follows:





Order Value

 Delivery Fee

R 0,00–R 999,00

 R            109.00

R 1 000,00–R 1 499,00

 R            185.00

R 1 500,00–R 2 000,00

 R            237.00

R 2 001,00–R 2 500,00

 R            295.00

R 2 501,00–R 2 999,00

 R            372.00

R 3 001,00–R 5 000,00

 R            548.00

R 5 001,00–R 7 500,00

 R            768.00

R 7 501,00–R 9 500,00

 R            825.00

R 9 501,00–R 12 000,00

 R            1045.00

R 12 001,00–R 15 000,00

R 15 001,00–R 17 500,00

R 17 501,00–R 20 000,00

R 20 001,00–R 25 000,00

R 25 001,00–R 40 000,00

 R         1 375.00

R         1 650.00

R         1 950.00

R         2 500.00

R         3900.00



This would apply if part of your order contains any Large canvas prints, for example A1 size.


Order Value Delivery Fee
R 0,00–R 1 000,00 R 165,00
R 1 001,00–R 1 500,00 R 220,00
R 1 501,00–R 2 000,00 R 275,00
R 2 001,00–R 2 500,00 R 330,00
R 2 501,00–R 3 000,00 R 385,00
R 3 001,00–R 3 500,00 R 440,00
R 3 501,00–R 4 000,00 R 495,00
R 4 001,00–R 4 500,00 R 550,00
R 4 501,00–R 5 000,00 R 625,00
R 5 001,00–R 7 500,00 R 825,00
R 7 501,00–R 10 000,00 R 1100,00
R 10 001,00–R 20 000,00 R 1 650,00




This would apply if part of your order contains any XL canvas prints, for example A0 size.

R0 - R1500  R                      385.00
R1501- R3000  R                      679.00
R3001-R4500  R                      849.00
R4500-R6000  R                      999.00
R6001-R7500  R                   1 199.00
R7501-R8500  R                   1 399.00
R8501-R9500  R                   1 575.00
R9501-R10500  R                   1 999.00
R10501-R15000  R                   2 500.00
R15000-R30000  R                   2 999.00




Door-to-door delivery R 0,00–R 500,00 R 115
Door-to-door delivery R 501,00–R 1 000,00 R 165
Door-to-door delivery R 1 001,00–R 1 500,00 R 230
Door-to-door delivery R 1 501,00–R 2 000,00 R 275
Door-to-door delivery R 2 001,00–R 2 500,00 R 350
Door-to-door delivery R 2 501,00–R 4 000,00 R 550
Door-to-door delivery R 4 001,00–R 6 000,00 R 750
Door-to-door delivery R 6 001,00–R 8 000,00 R 1250
Door-to-door delivery R 8 001,00–R 10 000,00 R 1 850
Door-to-door delivery R 10 001,00–R 30 000,00 R 3000

You will be shown the delivery fee at the last stage of the check-out process on the website, just before payment. 

We use a company called Deliver Your Parcel for all our deliveries. Their service is excellent and they take great care of the parcels!

FREE INSURANCE INCLUDED: If something gets damaged or lost in transit, it will get redone and dispatched at no cost!