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Market Place

Canvas & More is SO excited to be launching our very own Market Place.

If you have a product that you think would sell well on Canvas & More and you would like to take advantage of our large customer base and successful marketing campaigns, simply complete the form below to be considered.

Should your product be selected you will receive a short online form to complete with all your product and company details as well as instructions on how the process will work when orders are received.

Requirements to sell via Canvas & More

* Must operate in Cape Town within driving distance from our factory in Atlas Gardens, 1 Wild Olive Road, Contermanskloof and have the product in stock (no made to order or personalized items) 
* Products must preferably appeal to our mostly female audience, but anything will be considered
* Physical products (no services/downloads)
* Products must have no working parts, require power or batteries.
* No clothing or shoes
* No Food or Beverage related products
* No Medical or health related products


How it will work?

Initially, each time a product is ordered via our website, you will receive a notification and will then need to deliver it to us within 24 hours. If a particular product starts selling well, we will consider purchasing larger volumes from you to keep in stock and will also collect at our own expense. We will then package the product and ship to the client.

How much does it cost?

We charge a flat commission on all sales made via our market place with no signup or other monthly fees. The rate is negotiated on a per product/seller basis and we will revert with an offer once we have considered your application.

 When will I be paid?

We will pay all invoices within 48 hours of delivery to our warehouse.